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Loose with a double O is an adjective that is the opposite of “tight. . lose / loose. 15, 2022.

Mixing the words up can make your speech and writing look and sound clumsy and perhaps cause confusion as to what you mean.

A first offense in a misdemeanor that carries a maximum penalty of 6 months in prison.

Loose and lose may look and sound similar, but they have different meanings and uses.


Loose clothes definition: Clothes are the things that people wear, such as shirts , coats , trousers , and dresses.


S. . Loose hair is not tied back: 3. .

. . If your partner’s vagina honestly and truly does ~feel~ loose to you, that’s a matter of perception and can happen for a few reasons.

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S. Learn when to use which correctly here.


having too much liquid in it a baby with loose bowel movements Word Origin Middle English loos ‘free from bonds’, from Old Norse lauss , of Germanic origin; related to Dutch and German los. .




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” This article will explain the meanings of these two words and give you tips for remembering which one to use. . Loose hair is not tied back: 3. .

The expansion of a coal mine will go ahead after campaigners lost.

It can also mean something that is not closely constrained or is free from restraint. Synonyms and related words. .